Aim of Program

Develop public health program and health officers who will work at the district level. Public health professionals protect the health of the general populations. In the public health field, professionals work to prevent disease and injury in the first place. When an infectious disease is spreading, public health professionals work to track it, stop it, and keep communities as healthy as possible.

Objective of Program

Help students discover how to bring their bold ideas to fruition, while deepening their analytical thinking and sharpening their problem-solving;

"Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.”

— Michelle Obama.


Upon completion of the B.Sc. Public Health Program, the graduates can work as public health officers, researchers and educators who will possess professional knowledge, critical thinking, ethical decision-making, leadership skills, and the desire for independent, as well as inter-disciplinary pursuit of high standards of healthcare in Private and Public Clinics and Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Home Care, Quasi Hospitals, Community Based Clinics, Health Related NGOs (local and international), WHO, UNICEF, Standard Board, Food and Drugs Authority(FDA), etc..

Components of the programme

Core course(s); Thirty-six (36)
Elective course(s); Twelve (12)

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