Aim of Program

This course blends recent advances in IT and IS, the internet and web technologies with business applications. It is designed to develop IS professionals who will gain knowledge of information systems design techniques, strategic business disciplines, web technologies and e-business, and who will be equipped with up-to-date techniques for developing Information Technology and Information Systems infrastructure for organizations.
This four-year program consists of a number of core courses taken during the first three years and combination of elective courses in the fourth year. Compulsory modules cover systems development, databases, information security management and project management. The management courses are tailored specifically for IT management. The program has been created for people who will assume responsibility for the planning, design and implementation of information systems. It is designed for anyone who is, or aspires to be, a systems analyst, IT project manager, Webmaster etc.

Objective of Program

The intent of the Information Technology and Systems (ITS) program is to produce graduates who are able to achieve the following objectives. The student will:

"Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.”

Stewart Brand


Graduates will gain positions in many other types of businesses including:
Web developers
Systems consultants
Systems analysts and programmers
Internet GIS analysts
Networks and security specialists
Business Simulation and modeling experts
Systems auditors
E-Governance specialists
ICT policy developers
IT Managers
ICT Trainers
Information Systems Research Officers
Business GIS consultants (locating assets, customers, branches, sales points, residential addresses, roads, tracking vehicles and logistics in managing supply chain, agribusiness, etc) .

Components of the programme

Core course(s); Thirty-six (36)
Elective course(s); Twelve (12)
Electives: HSBU 4523 Supply Chain Management, HSBU 4543 Knowledge Management; HSBU 4563 Employment Law; HSBU 4583 Human Resource Management; SCIS 4563 Consumer Behavior in Cyberspace; SCIS 4583 Cloud Computing; SCIS 4623 Principles of Demography; SCIS 4643 Digital Video & Audio

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